• Insurance of the country real estate

    Each year, with the onset of autumn, people start to think about the safety of their suburban plots and houses. After a period when left unattended at home is very large and with our climatic conditions, up to nine months. How can secure their country homes from intruders? In this situation we will help insurance kompaniya. Bolshoe number of people who own real estate, believes that the insurance policy has a view of the limited number of risks such as fire, theft or flooding. But when they came to the office of the insurance company, are pleasantly surprised by the fact that even in the standard package includes a larger package of services for the Protection of Property. With all the cost of insurance can not be called “predatory” because it is only 1-1.5% per cent of the value of the property. Of course, the cost of insurance services to a country estate is somewhat higher, in contrast to city property. And all this for nothing. In case of fire, to the country house is much harder and longer to get than to the city. And during that time suburban estate in general can be burned, and all costs for damages would have to assume the insurance company. Hence, such high insurance rates.